Preventative Roof Maintenance - Commercial Roofing

Think of your roof like your body-- you go to the doctor once a year for a check up to make sure your body is healthy and everything is working properly. If you only went to the doctor when something was wrong, you may pay a more expensive bill for a more expensive service that could have been avoided by having annual inspections. In the same way, preventative roofing maintenance is like an "exam" to avoid potential costlier fixes down the road.


All maintenance can be categorized as either reactive or proactive. Reactive roofing maintenance is when you only take care of problems as they arise and neglect routine inspections and guidelines.

Proactive roofing maintenance is when you keep up with regular inspections and routine repairs to avoid bigger problems in the future. Going back to the doctor analogy, think of proactive maintenance like washing your hands and having an annual physical. Preventative roofing maintenance is proactive maintenance.


It's recommended to have a professional come inspect your roof at least twice a year. The spring and fall are the best seasons to inspect your roof-- before and after the coldest and hottest seasons. Winter storms and cold temperatures can damage your roof, but so can the summer heat and UV radiation.

In addition to biannual inspections, it's a good idea to check out your roof after any major storms. No matter how new the roof is, hazardous weather conditions can leave behind damage.


When the roofing professional comes to inspect your roof, we will document everything so you have a physical (or digital) reference to the state of your roof. The following is checked:

  • Drains & Gutters
    - Checked for blockages.
  • Flashings & Penetrations
    - Checked for gaps and tears.
  • Vents & Equipment
    - Checked for gaps in the caulk.
  • UV Coating
    - Checked for blisters or any signs of separation from the roof.
  • Signs of Damage
    - Hail
    - Tools & Heavy Objects
    - Heavy Foot Traffic
    - Vandalism
    - Staining or warping on interior ceiling tiles

If one of our inspectors finds anything wrong with your roof, he will provide recommendations on the next steps to take to avoid a bigger, costlier problem.


Having biannual roof inspections is the best defense against major, costly repairs for your roof. Your roof is your building's defense against rain, strong winds, and other extreme weather conditions, so by investing in your roof, you're protecting your employees and any equipment you may have.

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