Low Slope vs. Steep Slope Commercial Roofing

Low slope and steep slope simply describe the slope of a roof. The slope of a roof is determined by the vertical rise in inches in a 12-inch horizontal roof run. Steep slope means that a roof has 3 inches or more of rise per 12 inches. The term steep slope is often synonymous with residential roofing, and low slope is often equated to commercial roofing due to the predominate application and use of these roofs.

TPO Roof Installation in Tifton, GA
TPO Roof Installation in Tifton, GA

Although, a commercial building's purpose, architecture, aesthetics, and more determine the slope of the roof.

Low slope is often called flat roof and can be found on many commercial warehouses and factories. They are not the same type of roof and flat doesn't mean completely flat. Flat roofs typically have at least a ΒΌ inch rise per 12 inches. "Flat" and low slope roofs can also be found on some apartments and town houses as well. Typically, a low slope roof has a rise of 2 - 4 inches per 12-inch run.

Steep slope is often found on those commercial properties where beauty and function are important. Steep slope roofing products typically have more visual appeal because they make up much of the appearance of the building. Steep roofs typically last longer than low slope roofs because water and debris run off more efficiently, and the steep slope roof has less direct sunlight exposure. Steep slope roofs typically have a 12-inch rise in a 12-inch run. There are also conventional slope and higher slope roofs, but steep slope has the highest rise per 12-inch run.

There are a variety of roofing materials available for both low slope and steep slope roofing systems. Many factors come into play when choosing the material. Is the roof part of the overall design of the building? What is the purpose of the building? What part of the country is the property located in? What type of weather is normal for that area? What is the budget for this job?

An experienced All Roof Solutions Commercial estimator helps with all aspects of the selection process including choosing the right materials for the job, pricing, coordinating the work, and managing the completion of the work to our customer's satisfaction.

Wickshire Senior Living Roof Installation in Canton, GA
Wickshire Senior Living Roof Installation in Canton, GA

The quality of installation is very important in the longevity of any roof. High-quality installation is the first priority in establishing a good basis for ongoing and preventative maintenance. Good drainage is also crucial for a roof that will last for years. To prevent undue damage to any roof, limiting foot traffic is key. An annual inspection is important in identifying any issues before they become costly repairs. Removing debris and checking the roof after any major wind or storm is an important step in preventing damage that leads to unwanted expenses.

All Roof Solutions Commercial can install new commercial roofs, repair existing roofs, and provide preventative maintenance and service. All Roof Solutions Commercial would be a great choice for your commercial roofing needs. Contact our team today at 770-425-5766.

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